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Lança Perfume

Acting as the Product Designer for CWI's team engaging with La Moda, Lança Perfume's brand holder, to reimagine their mobile app and include additional features to transform it from an e-commerce app into a full fledged Lança Perfume content experience. Our team worked closely with La Moda's professionals to design this new experience wich not only includes an improved E-comm experience, as well as a brand new Loyalty program for customers to enjoy exclusive benefits within Lança Perfume's universe, such as Personal Stylist services and conveniences while shopping in the app and in stores.
Through the span of an year we crafted the new app, intense communication between design and development made possible to ship UIs and features with the highest possible fidelity, super fast and polished. Usability tests, forms and metrics were used along every step of the process to ensure new designs and features were being well received and easy to use and understand by users. In april 2023 Lança Perfume's new app was launched on the App Store and Google Play Store.

2022 - 2023

Lança Perfume

La Moda




Product Designer


Wireframes, UI Design, UX Design, UX Research, Presentations, Design System

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