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KoreConX is a canadian startup that assists companies in the process of entering the private capital markets, from compliance with SEC to technology in raising capital and partner management, KoreConX does it all. As the Lead UX Designer of KoreConX's team, I was responsible for leading the design team that built KoreConX's platform interface and experience, as well as the graphic design team responsible for visual assets, branding and marketing collateral.
On the journey of rebuilding the whole UI, we improved upon a design system started by the previous designer, creating the foundation of a completely new interface that structured KoreConX's massive structure. As a very data heavy and data driven system, used by a broad range of people, this design system needed to be accessible and sustainable.
We took the time to rebrand KoreConX's visual assets alongside the design system, generating new iconic and custom created illustrations, that powered KoreConX's updated brand and collateral.

Cheers to Alice Lazzari, Cleon Morais, Gabriel Fiore, Marcos Boriero, Valentina Ortiz, Victor Lyrio, Vinicius Almeida and ZiQin who were a part of this incredible team.

2021 - 2022






Lead UX Designer


Wireframes, Usability Tests, UI Design, UX Design, Design System, Documentation

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