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Black Prime Management System

With it's expansion Black Prime was in need of a more robust way to analyze data and show it to managers in meetings, enabling fruitful debates that would shape the companies future. Empowered by Power BI, the organization found a way to do this, yet there was a piece missing. While powerful, Power BI wasn't all that pretty, which made looking at the data a daunting task, it was hard to analyze all that information with tiny little fonts and misaligned and bloated tables.
This project aimed to change that, bringing an improved layout to Black Prime's Power BI user interface, which would enable quicker, and better analysis of data, as well as a more pleasant experience. Our biggest challenge was to navigate Power BI's limitations when it comes to layout, not everything was possible, so it was necessary to do the best we could to make it look good while it remains functional.
The result was a matte dark UI that highlighted key information, was easy on the eyes and pleasant to read and analyze, specially those huge tables that had to perform well and be easily scannable.


Black Prime Management System

Black Prime




Product Designer


Wireframes, Prototypes, UI Specs, Styleguide, UI design, UX design

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